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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Counselor Bio- Lauren Papa

Hey my name is Lauren, and I am so trilled for the opportunity to be a Biocamp counselor again this year! I am a senior majoring in Kinesiology, with the exercise and movement science option. That being said, you may have guessed that I am very passionate about physical activity! I love exercise and enjoy just being outside, and a few of my favorite activities include running, tennis, swimming, and yoga. Additionally, I LOVE food, especially anything that is spicy. In general, I am a fun and outgoing person with a ton of energy! I have been a part of this program throughout my entire time at UW Madison and can not wait to meet all of you for my Biocamp round four!

Counselor Bio- Chine Chime

Hey Guys! My name is Chinecherem but everyone calls me Chine so do that! I am a junior majoring in Biology. I am also working towards a certificate in African Studies. I enjoy traveling and just spent a semester studying abroad in Wales so feel free to ask me about that. I have a variety of interests which range from watching Netflix (this should qualify as a hobby) to Biology (something we have in common. I am really excited to meet you all; we are going to have a great time!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Counselor Bio- Mikey Battistoni

Hey, y'all! I'm Mikey, so please don't call me Michael. That sounds so old! D: I'm majoring in neurobiology and am going for a certificate in Japanese. I'm from the Chicago suburbs, so I love rap and R&B. My free time goes to watching cartoons or working in a neurobio lab. College can be intense sometimes, but know that University Housing desserts are always there for you!

Counselor Bio- Keven Stonewall

Hey guys! I’m Keven Stonewall and I am a sophomore here at UW-Madison. My current major is Biology and I am pursuing medicine. I’m from Chicago so I love going downtown and just immersing myself in the busy city life. I’m really looking forward to connecting with you all because I was in your exact seat just a year ago so I know how much the MadBiology Boot Camp helped me become the person I am on campus today.

Counselor Bio- Eva Shelton

Hello there! My name is Eva Shelton and I am a sophomore here at UW-Madison majoring in Neurobiology and Psychology. I currently do research on obesity on campus. I love being outside, especially by the waters. I love running but I also love eating (as you might see with my exceptionally large chocolate bunny), so I guess the two balances out. Traveling is the dream life for me … I am working towards the ownership of my third passport, so I guess my life has kind of been about travel. I love talking and meeting new people, so I would love to meet you! I simply cannot wait to see what Madbio has to bring this year!!

Counselor Bio- Laura Burbach

Hi guys!! My name is Laura Burbach, and I am a senior here at UW. My major is Genetics and I am currently applying to medical school. I've been involved recreation basketball and sand volleyball, as well as undergraduate research and student organizations! My favorite summer activities in Madison are paddle boarding through "Outdoor UW" and swimming in Lake Mendota. Let me know if you have any questions about the Genetics major or the process of applying to medical school! Who's ready for MADBIO CAMP?! Let's go!

Counselor Bio- Molly Gannon

Hey guys! Molly Gannon here. I’m a proud, pale Minnesotan entering my junior year here at UW-Madison. I am double-majoring in Nutritional Sciences and Spanish, and always have SPF 100 on hand. When I’m not in the shade or listening to Spanish music, I enjoy Zumba, cycling, and all watersports. I’ve been to many camps in my lifetime, but can’t wait for what MadBio has in store for us this summer!