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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Welcome !

Hey everyone welcome to the Mad Bio Boot Camp 2014 blog ! Here we will have updates for camp and fun things for campers/counselors to see. Keep an eye open for the counselor bios and posts this week!

Counselor Bio- Patrick Falls

Hi everyone! My name is Pat Falls and I am a junior here at UW-Madison. I am majoring in Life Sciences Communication and Pre-Health. I love to stay active and get involved with science in my community. I am involved in undergraduate research on campus too! My favorite animal is a lynx and my favorite color is lime green. I’m not a huge sports fan, but I love to play all of them. I will be a lead counselor for boot camp so feel free to contact me at any time for questions or concerns! Let’s get pumped for MADBIO CAMP! Here’s a funny pic of me hiding from the sun!

Counselor Bio- Anjali Thakrar

Hey guys! My name is Anjali and I am an upcoming Junior here at UW-Madison majoring in Neurobiology with a certificate in Business. I love everything about UW and work as an information guide for Campus and Visitor Relations during the school year. This summer I have been taking advantage of the beautiful outdoors and learning how to sail, going camping, and making full use of the terrace! In my spare time I like to play the guitar, obsess over my puppy named Casper, play volleyball, and cook up new recipes to try. I am one of the lead counselors for bootcamp this year and I am SO excited to get started and meet each and every one of you! (Pirates Booty is also an extremely enjoyable snack)

Counselor Bio - Abisayo Ariwoola

Hey everyone! My name is Abisayo Ariwoola but many people know me as Abie, Nigerian Princess, or "The greatest to ever do it" lol, which ever works best for you :) I'll be a Junior in the fall working on a Biology degree. I'm terrible at talking about myself so I'll just throw some topics out there and if it interests you, just ask me! Talking (can you tell?), performing arts in general, healthcare, cooking, laughing, hip hop music, dramatic reality shows to name a few. I'm all about being into science as well as just a little ratchetness.... But anyway, I can't wait to meet/work with all of you! MadBiology this year will be epic #justwaitonit